Account creation and support for both Enterprise and Departmental systems
A full range of tools and services to meet your data analysis needs

Procedural and Ancillary Systems to Epic

Integration and application of IT to support clinical best practices and improve delivery of care

Electronic Medical Record systems

Centrally maintained productivity and collaboration tools to support enterprise systems

HIT services offered to Heart Center customers and to support Heart Center technology.

HIT services offered to Laboratory customers and to support Laboratory information technology.

Provides Repairs, Maintenance and Management of Medical Equipment.

Support and development of both wired and wireless networks in the Health System

Provides data-driven solutions for complex systems and processes to reduce errors and waste.

Centrally managed tools to aid in the dictation, transcription and storage of medical documentation

Support for all facets of end-user computing including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, WOWs, and related devices

HIT services offered to Perioperative Services and Anesthesia customers and to support Perioperative Services technology.

Services to meet your IT planning, acquisition and implementation needs

HIT services offered to Radiology customers and to support Radiology information technology.

Processes and services dedicated to patient revenue capture, management and processing.

Services and tools that safeguard our computing resources and data
Centralized server hosting, system administration, cluster management and database administration
Software application installation, enhancement, integration, upgrade, and support

Policies, VPN, Remote Access, Collaboration Tools, and More.

Tools and services for hosting, managing and publishing online content and custom forms