In order to maintain the most secure, reliable computing platform, the HIT standard build does not permit customers to install software. Customers with a valid business need can apply for administrator rights on their PC.

Our secure Health System computing environment can be compromised by changes to the operating system or software that HIT provides. New software installed without thorough testing can open security vulnerabilities that can be exploited to damage the PC or expose sensitive data. Changes to the desktop management or other software can prevent HIT from applying important updates necessary to prevent damage or theft of data.

For these reasons, PCs on the Secure Clinical Subnet are configured to protect against inadvertent or intentional changes that may impair the level of security. The customer does not have the ability to install new software or change system settings.

HIT recognizes that some customers have duties that require the installation or update of software, or saving of data to secured areas on the local PC disk, on a regular basis. To accommodate this requirement, the customer can be set up with this capability, either on a temporary or on-going basis.

If a new software installation is required, usually obtaining temporary administator rights is sufficient.

Temporary Administrator Rights:

Contact the HIT Help Desk at 924-5334.  The Help Desk technician will validate your request.  If the change can be made during this phone call, that is ideal and the most efficient solution.  Should you need to make the change later, you'll need to have completed an Elevated Rights Agreement Form.  Temporary rights can be extended for up to one week from the time they are granted. 

Permanent Administrator Rights:

If you need to make frequent changes to your PC (more than once per week) or require adminstrator rights in order to run an applcation, you may apply for permanent administrator rights. To do so,

1.  Submit an Online Access Request form.   Select the System 'Privileged Desktop Administration' and Role 'Local Administrator for Single PC' options. 
2.  An HIT Consultant will perform an assessment on your requirements for administrator rights.  If this need has been validated they will submit an HIT Exception request on your behalf.  IT Affiliates with a Remedy account may submit the Exception Request on behalf of their customers as well.  
3.   The HIT Exception Committee meets bi-weekly, and will evaluate the request. You will receive an email with the committee's decision.