Note that whether you receive new equipment or you are taking current equipment home, you MUST perform a one-time registration of that computer with HIT, as per the instructions below.

If receiving new equipment, your IT support department (HIT, SOM IT, or UPG) will arrange to meet with you to transfer the equipment. NOTE: IT staff cannot deliver equipment to your house. They will configure your equipment depending on needs with:

If taking your current computer and accessories home your request must first be approved by your manager. After approval you will need to:

  • Submit a service request and label it ‘Telework Computer Request’ to HIT to ensure your computer is properly configured to work from home.
  • Register your home computer with HIT. This is critical for the computer to continue receiving patches and security updates. To register your computer:
    • On your home computer, open a web browser and go to
    • Sign in with your UVa user ID and password and then Duo
    • Click on the Telework Computer Registration application and follow the instructions
  • Install the VPN software if that connection method will be used. For Instructions for the HIT F5 VPN are at Connect to UVa Health Network from Home. Instructions for the ITS HSVPN are located at ITS High Security VPN site
  • Take photo of your current set-up. Before dismantling your computer to take home, it is recommended that you take a photo of the back of the computer to record how the cables are connected for reconnection at home.
  • Take all necessary cables. If you are connecting the computer to any other home equipment such as a local printer or different display, make sure you have the right cables for connection.
  • Obtain local administrator rights, if needed. You must submit a request via the HIT Online Access Request Form. If the rights are granted, your IT Support department will provide instructions for applying them to the computer.    

Setting up your computer at home:

  • Connect the computer to power and the peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, display, camera, and printer if used.
  • Connect to either your internet ethernet cable or Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi is used, select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password. NOTE:  if you do not have a home Wi-Fi password established, it is strongly recommended that you set one up. A lack of password is a significant security vulnerability. 

Add a Local printer

  • Go to the Control Panel, select Devices, and then Printers & Scanners. Finally, select Add a Printer and follow the instructions. You may need a disc with the printer software for full functionality.