Health System Telework Policy. Includes Team Member Telework Agreement.
For more information you can also view Telework Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Printable guide to telework technology requirements, available tools, and effective ways to work remotely. 

In order to ensure proper functioning of your UVA Health-issued computers at home, please follow this simple registration process. By registering your computer, HIT will then be able to set-up and maintain the computer's security and updates to allow them to work effectively on the network and at home. 

Step-by-step instructions for preparing your computer to be taken home and then setting it up. 
Before taking your computer home, please get your manager's approval and submit a service request to HIT.


  • UVA Health Apps Portal
    Recommended Method. Easy to use with a home or HIT-provided computer. Best for team members that use Epic, Microsoft Office, other commonly used apps, and shared drives.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    Best for team members who have software installed on their home computer or HIT-provided laptop. A VPN connection is available to access both HIT and ITS systems.
  • ITS High-Security VPN (HSVPN)
    ITS offers High Security VPN (HSVPN) for access to systems that are approved for handling highly sensitive data using 2-Step Login (Duo), from on- or off-Grounds.
  • Remote Desktop on UVA Apps
    Best for team members who use specific software, not available on UVA Health Apps Portal and have a dedicated onsite computer to access those apps through.
  • Webemail
    Good for accessing email remotely from any computer with internet access.
    Note that you can not download attachments via web email.

Webex, dropbox for online files, skype. Please see our policies around sharing PHI with outside organizations. Please note google docs and other free collaboration software are not approved for use.

Information for forwarding your desk phone, masking your number, and changing caller ID to UVA Health.

For more information on tools and policies related to telemedicine virtual visits.