Tips for using your personal phone for work.
  • Forward your office phone to your home or cell phone
    To forward your personal desk phone remotely, your phone requires voicemail. If you do not have voicemail, or need to have your passcode reset, call the HIT Help Desk (434-924-5334).

    Instructions: Once you have voicemail and your passcode
    • Dial into the voicemail portal: (434) 924-4000
    • Enter your mailbox ID (5-digit extension) and press #
    • Enter your mailbox password and press #
    • Press 4 to change call forwarding options
    • Enter the destination phone number of where you want to forward your desk phone and press #
    • Press 1 to activate call forwarding
    • Hang up the call, your desk phone is now forwarded to the destination phone number you set
  • Mask your personal phone number on caller ID
    Instructions: Enter *67 and then dial the number you want to call
  • Replace your caller ID number with the central scheduling number 434-924-3627 (4DOCS).
    Instructions: Contact your Pod Manager or PFA.