Innovation and Technology Integration projects ask the question, "What if....?" and allows the stakeholders to envision a technology-driven solution.

We champion innovation and automation by partnering with both
point-of-care teams and UVA researchers to introduce and integrate new technologies that will enhance the quality of care we provide. 


Key elements of innovation and technology integration include:

  • Generating new ideas and rapid-cycle testing of evidence-based best practices
  • Integrating new technologies and automated solutions
  • Evaluation the cost-effectiveness of changes made

Examples of our work involving innovation and technology integration:

  • Facilitating the development of a scheduling app for Languages Services
  • Development of a Rapid Assessment Team for the ED

  • Physician Delivery of Care Model Analysis, including Family Team Care and Scheduling Wheel, in order to:
    • Increase patient access and throughput
    • Decrease physician burn out
    • Shift providers to top-of-licensure
    • Increase room utilization

  • Time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) is a comprehensive method that accounts for total cost of the resources used by the patient throughout a defined care cycle including:
    • What activities are performed
    • Who is responsible for doing each activity
    • The amount of time dedicated to each activity
    • The space costs and the necessary materials
  • TDABC methodology can be used to assess performance, but perhaps the most improtant function is as a benchmarking control chart to quickly identify costs that are significantly above expectations