1. Delete your Outlook App.

*If you don't have this installed already, disregard

A new Outlook application will install after going through the following steps.  This is necessary to get UVA Health Email properly working on your device.

Proceed with the following steps:


First, connect to the "Guest" Network, or if at home your home Wi-Fi Network

Personal Device Setup


Start by opening the Safari web browser and go to this address: https://bit.ly/migoreg


At the registration page, enter your Health System user ID (full email address) and password or the generic account provided to you, then select Continue.




Read through the app info page and select “I Understand”

Read through the General Terms and select “Accept”

Then select Allow when prompted



You will now need to open the Settings app to install the MobileIron profiles. Tap on Profile Downloaded and then tap Install to continue.




Next, apps will be downloaded, WiFi connectivity made available and other configuration events will happen in the background.


You will see a handful of install requests as in the example here. Select “install” through each and the apps will start to show up .


The last step is opening the Mobile@Work app and allow Location Services and sending notifications.

Go to Settings--Privacy--Location Services-- Set Mobileiron Go to "Always Allow"


Next: Setup your Outlook Email: 


Outlook Setup Instructions



Finally, don't forget to

Optimize your Phone Settings!