HIT provides a high level of desktop support, via an IT Affiliate program, to staff on other Health System teams who provide IT support for their department, workgroup, or set of systems & applications.

Primary elements of the Affiliate Program include:

1) A bi-weekly tech meeting wherein new developments, testing, changes, and problems relating to HSTS desktop computing are discussed.  Attendance at this meeting is important, particularly for new affiliates.  It’s expected that new affiliates are introduced at this meeting.  Meeting minutes are produced and distributed, and if an affiliate cannot attend the meeting it is important to read the minutes to stay abreast of changes.  To be added to the CL Tech Bulletins mailing list, send a note to Jim Taylor (jht3a@virginia.edu) or Rich Shelley (ras2m@virginia.edu).

2) Administrator/PC build permissions

Standard PC users are not issued administrator rights.  In order for an affiliate to be able to image and support PCs, they will need to be added to the appropriate active directory groups, as well as obtaining a Remedy account.  These can be requested via the HIT Access Request Form.   

3) Image support

HIT develops and maintains all desktop images for the Health System secure network.  Although we encourage and can offer the best support for the deployment of standard PCs and laptops, we also support other models of HP, Dell, and Lenovo devices.  A Desktop Engineering request can be submitted if an affiliate has a business need for an HIT image to be customized to work with such a model.  See HIT Desktop Computing Standards for more information. 

4)  Application wrappers and custom software engineering

Many applications and software require customizations and front-end wrappers to be developed to be compatible with our secure network and desktop environment, and to push software to large numbers of devices.  This may also involve the use of Citrix application publishing and hosting.   All of this and more are performed by the HIT Desktop Engineering team.