Health Information & Technology performs consultation, configuration, and installation of desktop computing hardware and software.

This service includes the addition and move of equipment as well as changes to existing equipment.  Devices include but are not limited to:

- PCs, laptops, tablets
- Printers, either local or networked
- scanners
- WOWs (workststations on wheels)
- PC Software
- monitors, keyboards, mice and other peripherals
- Audio/Video equipment such as large displays used in conference rooms

A Health Information & Technology Service Request is used to request this service.  Service Requests are logged into the REMEDY system, which generates a unique number for tracking purposes.  The number is provided upon form submission. 

Requests are assigned to a Health Information & Technology consultant. All questions related to a Service Request should be referred directly to the responsible consultant. The name of the consultant will be included in the response to the requestor once it has been assigned.   

An initial response to the request will typically be made by the consultant within two business days of the request.   The consultant will distribute the work to the appropriate groups within Health Information & Technology for completion of work, and schedule and coordinate the work to occur within the established time parameters. 

For a detailed list of hardware and software supported by Health Information & Technology, see Desktop Computing Standards.