Single Sign-On Talking Points

·       Why change things? UVA Health has listened to your Be Safes, our providers and industry leaders in planning a significant overhaul of our PCs’ desktops. Clinician input has been a significant driver in how we’ll implement the replacement of our Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication system. 

·         Goals: The design points are:  to speed access to clinical data, and clarify users’ expectations of how a PC will behave.  From, where you can safely save a file so it is backed-up, to how an Epic chart will behave when a user taps-out and leaves a PC, understanding is key to succeeding.

·         What will we see?  Login screens and desktops will feature new labels and color-coding to inform users what Epic behavior can be expected at which PC.  Our disorganized desktop icons will be a thing of the past as with Fences, a desktop organizer that groups similar (i.e. all compliance-related) icons, to ease finding just what you need.

·         Will our PCs’ behavior change? Likely some will.  In-patient patient rooms and ambulatory exam rooms (places where there’s 1 patient at a time and 1 dedicated PC) are ‘Direct Patient Care’ locations and it is there that Epic’s chart must persist from user to user, for fastest patient care.  Such desktops feature a bright blue color scheme.  At nearby, clinical locations, Epic may keep running between users, but the chart should close.  Chart-closes PCs will have the purple color scheme.  At non-clinical locations and personal PCs, Epic will not keep running when users at a PC change. 

·         When will this happen? Piloting of the new desktop begins in June and full deployment begins in August.

·         Where can I learn more?  In fact, you are strongly urged to visit and later re-visit: http://UVAHS.Link/sso, where you'll find:

o   “What You Need to Know” – narrated slideshow

o   FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

o   The Project Schedule