The Lab Systems Engineering Helpdesk is the single point of contact for customers requesting Lab-related IT services and support. As the level-one provider of IT support for the Medical Laboratories, the Lab Systems Engineering Helpdesk resolves or escalates requests to the on-call clinical applications analyst or the manager of Lab Systems Engineering.

Typical levels-of-service provided by the Lab IT Helpdesk include but are not limited to:

  1. Password resets.
  2. Freeing locked terminals.
  3. Freeing locked patient records.
  4. Freeing locked accession numbers.
  5. Patient record merges and/or ADT updates within various lab information systems.
  6. Adding physicians.
  7. Adding grants and wholesales.
  8. Entering and/or providing reference lab results to HIS for importation to the EMR.


Additionally, the helpdesk can and should be contacted directly for the following:

  1. Critical printer issues affecting normal operations.
  2. Adding users (requires Password Request Form; these documents can be found here).
  3. Testing malfunction (eg. Auto-validation not functioning as previously defined).
  4. Instrument interface malfunction (orders and/or results stop transmitting).
  5. Critical QC issues.
  6. Non-delivery of a scheduled Crystal reports.
  7. PC support issues.