Laboroatory-related applications and systems are routinely monitored to ensure proper functioning of systems and interfaces. The systems supported include Sunquest Lab, CoPath, Data Innovations, WAM, Atlas, Rapidcomm, and RALS.

The levels of support include engineering support and application administration:

Engineering Support

  1. Respond to routine and emergent issues and problems.  24-hour on-call service is available for emergent issues.
  2. Coordination of software and hardware updates.

Application Administration

  1. Workqueue management regarding:
    1. Result transmissions from point-of-care devices into Epic.
    2. Laboraotry order and/or result transmissions between UVA and affiliated outreach locations (eg. Atlas).
    3. Laboratory order and/or result transmissions between UVA and partner hospitals (such as Augusta Health and Bon Secours St. Marys).
    4. Reference lab interfaces with both Mayo and Quest Diagnostics.
    5. Order and/or result transmissions between the lab information system and interfaced analyzers.
    6. The transmission of reportable results to the state Department of Health.
  2. Coordination of Engineering and task/project prioritization.
  3. Maintain dictionary and lookup tables.
  4. Configuration of new tests/batteries across systems.