HIT Security enables network accounts for a variety of HIT customers including employees who are not listed on a payroll such as consultants, vendors, students, visiting clinical staff, observers, study monitors, outside auditors, and others.

The Medical Center enables network accounts for a variety of HIT customers: 

  • UVa Medical Center Employees:  UVa Computing ID’s, University ID, and UVA Health Network/Email accounts are created automatically as part of the Onboarding process.
  • University of Virginia Academic Employees:  UVa Computing ID’s and University ID’s are created automatically as part of the Onboarding process.  UVA Health Network/Email accounts can be requested via the LAN Account Request Form by the Manager, employee or Human Resources department.
  • University Physicians Group (UPG):  UVa Computing ID’s and University ID’s are created automatically as part of the Onboarding process. UVA Health Network/Email accounts can be requested via the LAN Account Request Form by the Manager, employee or Human Resources department.
  • Contingent Workers (non-UVA employees, i.e., vendors, students, observers, etc.):  UVA Health Sponsors can use the process described below to request a UVA Computing ID, University ID, and UVA Health Network/Email account. 


Contingent Workers Detailed Request Process

The UVA Computing ID Request Spreadsheet can be used by UVA Health Sponsors to request UVA Computing ID, University ID, and UVA Health Network/Email account for Non-UVa employees through a sponsored account.

Sponsored accounts are for individuals that work with UVA but are not on a a UVA payroll.  Please Do Not use this process to create early access for a new hire. For all early access requests for incoming employees please work with your HR Business Partner. For more details on what a sponsored account is and what sponsors agree to, please visit the ITS knowledgebase article found here

As indicated in the spreadsheet, column headers in red are required in order to process the request. HIT Security will validate the information provided. Please allow up to one week for computing IDs to be created through the request process and 3-5 business days for entry of the account into Workday if Workday Learning access is required for the sponsored individual.  It is recommended that a sponsored account request be submitted 2-4 weeks before the sponsored individual's start date to ensure that the request is processed in time. 

Required: All users requesting access to Health System information systems must complete the Electronic Access Agreement which is available here.  The completed agreement is to be kept by respective agency's (Medical Center, UPG, SOM) Human Resources department.  In instances of vendor or other 3rd party access, the form is maintained by the UVA Health Manager sponsoring the 3rd party access.

Request Detailed Steps

  1. Please open the spreadsheet and save a copy.  Rename the spreadsheet with your name (as the requester) and the date, e.g., SmithJohn_20210310.
  2. Please validate whether the incoming external team member has prior affiliation.  Informing Health IT Security of prior affiliation at request time will expedite ID creation.
  3. Populate the spreadsheet with all required fields completed.  The required fields have red text in the UVA Computing ID Request spreadsheet.
    • IDs cannot be processed without completion of the required fields.  HIT Security will ask for resubmission of any requests with missing required fields.  
    • Please see the table below for Sponsored Account Type options.
    • If the request is for early access for a new hire, HIT will not be able to process the request.  The requestor or sponsor should work with Human Resources when early access for a new hire is required.
    • Multiple sponsored individuals can be submitted in the same spreadsheet.
    • Sponsored accounts must be reviewed annually.  The end date entered on the spreadsheet cannot exceed the start date by more than one year 
  4. The spreadsheet should be sent as an attachment in an email to mccsecurity@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu .  We are in the Global Address List as "MCC Security".  The request must come from a UVA employee or a UVA team member designated by the sponsor to submit sponsored account requests on their behalf.  The sponsor must be CC'd on requests submitted by the designated team member.
  5.  In the email, please identify what access is requested given the following options:
    • UVA Computing ID and 9 digit badge number
    • Health System Network account
    • Outlook email
  6. Once the request has been processed, the requestor and sponsor will receive an email notification from MCC Security with an attachment of ID information.  If a Network account and email were requested, MCCLANID@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu will reply all once the accounts are created.  That email will contain the login information that the sponsor will need to provide to the sponsored individual.
  7. Additional access (Epic, PACS, Pyxis, VPN, etc.) can be requested through the Access Management Platform (AMP, located here) once the LAN team has confirmed account creation.


Sponsor Account Type


Background Check Required?

Post-Doctoral Fellows If you are looking for the Post-Doc Sponsored Account Type, please contact your HR Business Partner.  


Volunteers in any entity that require tracking, systems access, and/or training


Unpaid Interns & Visiting Students

Students from another academic institution. Varies


Visiting Professors

Unpaid faculty visiting from another academic institution


Unpaid UVA Faculty

Unpaid faculty who do not have a relationship with another academic institution.



Employees of large UVA vendors such as Aramark, Morrison’s, and RMC Events



Individual contractors used by individual departments or schools, e.g., traveling nurses, IT contractors, etc. Not part of a larger UVA vendor relationship


Visiting House Staff

Visiting residents/house staff in the UVA Medical Center


Visiting Scholars

Non-faculty visitors from another academic institution


Badge only

Individuals who need badge access to restricted areas. Not in Workday.


UPG UPG use only.  External contractors, vendors, unpaid students, etc.  Used by University Physicians Group, e.g., clinical rotations, medical scribes, legal services. Yes


Sponsored Accounts that Require Background Checks

Most current UVA Health sponsored entities have a background check process already in place.  If you are unsure whether a background check has been completed for the sponsored individual and the sponsored account type is one that requires such a check, please work with your Human Resources Business Partner.


Sponsor Review

Maintaining an accurate accounting of authorized users who may access UVA Health information systems is essential in maintaining a secure environment that protects our patients and ensures our organizations continued compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Student sponsors: if the end dates for your students have not changed, you do not need to respond to this email; their access will be terminated the next business day following their end date.  If any of your students need to have their end dates changed, please send us that information as soon as possible.

Sponsored accounts must be reviewed annually and cannot be extended more than a year from the request date. The sponsor and the account holder will receive an email notification from the Fischer Identity and Access Management system 30, 15, 10, 5, and 1 day(s) prior to a sponsored accounts expiration.

The sponsor should review the personnel listed in these emails and sign into https://amp.hscs.virginia.edu/  and indicate the sponsored accounts status as:

  1. Remove Immediately
  2. Extend the individual’s access for up to 1 year (please include new end date)
  3. I am not the sponsor for this individual

If a reply is not received before the sponsored accounts end date, access will be terminated. The sponsor will need to contact MCCSecurity@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu to request restoration of access.

If you encounter problems with these procedures, contact the HIT Help Desk during normal business hours at 434-924-5334.

Sponsor Agreement

Effective December 30, 2018, any user that holds an active faculty or staff role is permitted to sponsor an account. A sponsored account holder (non-UVA paid employee) may not request a sponsored account for another non-UVA paid employee. The sponsor must agree to the liability statement below:

By sponsoring this person to have an account at UVA, I agree that:
(1) The person I am sponsoring has a bona fide need to have a UVA account based on a documented research or business need; and
(2) I am responsible for ensuring that the person I am sponsoring is aware s/he must obey all UVA policies, standards, and procedures, and applicable federal, state, and local laws; and
(3) I will notify UVA ITS Access Management within one business day of the sponsored person no longer needing this UVA account or departing UVA before the end of their sponsorship period; and
(4) I understand I will be required to complete an annual renewal certification process to keep this Sponsored Account active; and
(5) I understand that any misuse of this account, the IT resources to which it is granted access, or other violations of UVA policies, standards, and procedures, may result in the sponsored account being disabled or revoked.

Supporting Resources:

UVA Computing ID Request Spreadsheet

Password Protect Excel Spreadsheet