UVA Health applications such as Epic Haiku, Canto, and Rover are designated to provide a seamless connection from any internet connection.

If you experience difficulty in connecting to UVA Health resources on your iPhone using one of these designated applications, open the MobileIron Tunnel app and toggle the VPN switch off and on. This is a quick way to reset the network connection and normally will restore connectivity

Open the Tunnel App  :



If unable to login and if seeing error messages such as "no environments configured" toggle the VPN switch on and off a couple times.

It shouldn’t matter how you leave it as Tunnel automatically turns itself on when needed.

You are trying to get the environment config applied and allow for login as seen below:

If you still are having issues: try connecting to a different network besides "hscs-wireless", such as "hscs-pda" and apply the above technique to see if the issue resolves itself.  9/10 times this will fix this particular issue.  This works on iOS, macOS, and Android devices.  A further step you can take if needed is to reboot the device in question and try the above process again.