Analytics & Reporting

A full range of tools and services to meet your data analysis needs
Clinical Research Data Requests
CDR personnel to support research and publication efforts by providing data, serving as a de-identification honest broker, and advising on data querying strategies.


We design and develop visual displays of metrics, measures and benchmarks that are meaningful to your area. Through different techniques of visualizing your data, these dashboards can help you detect problems, understand performance and improve clinical and business outcomes and quality.

Data Integration

Many projects wish to collect unique data that is not captured by current systems. We can help collect and integrate project data into the Enterprise Data Warehouse. This facilitates reporting and analytics using both project data and data from existing systems (e.g. Epic). We can provide web-based forms for collecting data or develop mechanisms to import data you already have or collect by other means.

We provide automation for submitting data to external regulatory agencies, research partners or vendors. Typically, this involves pulling data into a particular format, interacting with the requesting customer to verify the data and possibly electronic submission of the data.

Data Modeling
Creation of regularly updated data sets aggregated from multiple sources. This data is made available via database queries for customer analysis.
We can identify and analyze populations of patients with related characteristics to understand important factors in their care, predict outcomes including disease progression, risk stratify and help coordinate/prioritize interventions.
Analysis of patient populations to determine risk factors predictive of post-acute events such as readmission. The aggregate risk of events happening to patients can then be determined on a reoccuring basis (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly) as new relevant data becomes available.
Real-time monitoring and alerting based on clinical data from Epic and other sensors

Epic Patient Registries
A registry is a subset of patients that uses inclusion rules to define the population of patients, as examples the asthma registry contains patients with asthma and the diabetes registry contains patients with diabetes. It uses registry metrics to take snapshots of these patients in time: which medications are they taking, when was their last inpatient admission, when was their last PCP visit, their vitals, etc.

We work closely with our customers to produce data-driven reports that answer the "who, what, when, where, why". Our interactive and parameterized solutions can identify retrospective trends, make comparisons, and formulate subsequent questions. Customers may also specify customized data extractions that can be used for further analysis.