Microsoft Skype enables fast, secure, and convenient quick chats for teams.

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Skype for business, formally known as Lync, is compatible with your system since it easily integrates with Outlook and has versions that can be used by Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

It can provide a real-time availability status ("presence") of other staff members since it automatically adjusts and presents user status and availability within Outlook, SharePoint, and in many other programs.

Installation Instructions

Please follow the steps below to install Skype 2016 client on your PC.

  1. Close all open programs, and then complete the following steps:
    • Go to Start
    • Select Run
    • Type load Skype
    • Hit Enter
    • Wait until installation is completed (it may take a few minutes)
  2. After it's done, your computer will automatically restart. 
  3. Start Using Skype
  • Skype client will automatically start and log in with your HS credentials.
  • You will see an icon  in the right corner of your screen.
  • You will also have a new Skype window opened. Close it by hitting the X in the top right corner of the window, or click an arrow to the right to review the tips.
  • If asked to sign-in manually, users have to use a sign-in name and the credentials similar to the below:
    • Sign-In – where userID is your computing ID (ex: abc2d)
    • Username: HSCDOM\userID
    • Password: Your regular HS password

Please contact HIT Helpdesk if you have any problems during the installation or while using the Skype tool.


Skype Quick Start User Guide
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