Appropriate use of domain names when creating websites that represent UVA Health System


Ensure consistency with url formatting and naming conventions utilized for UVA Health System sites


Websites that represent UVA Health System


Requesting a Vanity URL.

Health System websites generally appear within the URL www.healthsystem.virginia.edu.

Web content shared by Health System entities is placed on domains based on the target audience.

Audience Domain
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library Services Users www.hsl.virginia.edu
UVA Physicians Group customers www.upg.virginia.edu
Nursing Students www.nursing.virginia.edu
Patients, visitors and family members *.uvahealth.com
Students, Faculty and Researchers *.med.virginia.edu, *.medicine.virginia.edu
Business entities and non-patient customers, vendors, non-medical school students *.medicalcenter.virginia.edu, *.healthsystem.virginia.edu
Employees www.healthsystem.virginia.edu


Different domains may be registered by a department for promotional purposes, such as http://www.uvadentistry.com, and be redirected to a Health System site using domain forwarding so that customers are directed to http://uvahealth.com/services/dentistry.  However, these registrations should be coordinated through Marketing and Communications. Domain masking should never be used.

Other virginia.edu subdomains for Health System organizations can be registered with ITS using their DNS service page.  These registrations should be coordinated with the Web Development Center.

Domain names should be used when appropriate to communicate more effectively. Consistency is one of the most important attributes of effective communication. Too many domain names can obscure communication, so we ask departments to consult with the Web Development Center as they plan new sites.  Whenever possible, departments should use their energies and resources to reinforce and invigorate existing sites.

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