Determining factors for publishing websites including applications and content-only sites, as visible to the internal network or to the Internet, and to the internal search engine.


The purpose of this guideline is to provide efficient access to information for team members and the public. Unmanaged publication of content dilutes our public face and tarnishes the reputation of UVA Health System.


The scope of these guidelines include all Health System related websites and domains, including sites owned and managed by any of the five major entities and any sites intended to represent parts of the Health System.


Web content can be Public and IndexedPublic and Not IndexedPrivate and Indexed, or Private and Not Indexed.

Indexed content that is public refers to indexed by Google and other search engines. Indexed content that is private refers to indexed by our internal Google Search Appliance. This will be referred to as intranet search. Private but not indexed content may be indexed on it's own to be searchable in a local search, but this content will not appear when the intranet is searched from Knowledgelink.

Any department may publish content that is Private and Not Indexed, but available through a local search. A department may publish content and request that it be added to the intranet search, making it Private and Indexed. This content must be relevant to the entire Health System to qualify for addition to the intranet search.

A department may request an Internet site. To qualify for an Internet site, a website must contain content which:

  1. must be accessed by non-Health System persons who are not patients or customers
  2. is required for operations

By default, Internet content will be Public and Indexed, meaning not blocked from search engines, unless that content matches in any way content intended for our patients or customers. This should be avoidable by providing clear titles for search engines. For example, the title Parking at UVA Health System is ambiguous, and may show up in searches by patients. However, Parking at UVA Health System for Delivery Drivers should be more clear and not compete with information for patients, provided that titles are clearly set on the patient-focused content.

If titles cannot be made to clearly differentiate, it may be blocked from search engines, making it Public but Not Indexed content.

Requests for content location will be considered by the Director of the Web Development Center.