Web technologies approved for use by UVA Health System departments


To preserve the integrity and delivery quality of web content representing UVA Health System


Websites representing UVA Health System should use only the technologies described below, or receive an exception from teh WDC Director.


The technologies used by UVA Health System, and how to go about using something new.

UVA Health System supports standards as a way of promoting efficiency and providing the best possible quality of service. These standards are applicable to all websites hosted by HSTS. Other technologies may be used at the discretion of the Director of the Web Development Center.


Web Server

Apache 2.x and higher

Application Server

ColdFusion server 10.x

Perl, Mod_perl, Python, mod_python

Content Management System

Plone 3.x or 4.x

Database Server

Zope, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server

All web applications will be scanned by an application scanner prior to being made accessible to customers.