Provide education concerning the appropriate usage of the F drive and Accountability.


Provide education concerning the appropriate usage of the F drive and Accountability.


This guideline applies to UVa Health System employees and associated entities, and personnel


Appropriate usage:

  • Saving work-related data.  This includes files created with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and other supported software.  HSTS's desktop standard is preconfigured to save files of this type to your F drive.

Inappropriate usage:

  • Installing software to run from your F drive.  Given that the vast majority of software packages are shipped on CDs and/or accessible via the Internet for download, there is no need to store programs on the network to be backed up with data files.  This includes setup software as well as installed software.
  • Saving non-work-related data files.  Image and sound files such as MP3s, MOVs, MPEGs, JPGs, WMAs and other types of entertainment and/or personal computer files can consume huge amounts of storage, and could potentially be in violation of copyright laws.
  • Copies of your desktop operating system.

Ownership and Accountability

  • You are responsible for all accesses of systems and data used under your user id and password.
  • Should you transfer from one department to another within the Health System, or leave the Health System, all files stored on your F: drive, shared files on the O: drive with you as the designated owner, and all folders stored on your Outlook Email account must be made available to that department before leaving.
  • For complete details of network and F drive usage, please see the Medical Center Policy for Desktop Computing Standards.
  • For further information on accountability, please see Health System Policy #0163 in the Health System Policy manual.

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