All relocations of desktop personal computers and associated peripherals must be handled through Health System Technology Services (HSTS).


This information is designed to provide standardized steps when it becomes necessary to have PCs relocated.


This document details service standards and procedures associated with moving of desktop computing equipment.


When location of PCs and associated peripherals are required you must initiate a "Service Request" form to HSTS.

The Service Request form should be initiated at least fifteen (15) days prior to the actual relocation date for eight (8) or less standard desktop pcs.

Relocation of more than eight (8) pcs requires one (1) additonal day for each increment of four (4) pc relocations.

Additional planning for relocation of PCs may be necessary where construction, presence of asbestos and/or other special network requirements (e.g. hard-coded IP addresses for MIS, Pharmacy, Radiology, etc.) must be considered. The amount of additional planning time required may vary according to the circumstances.

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