Use the Online Access Request (OAR) form to request a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software or hardware token for access to Medical Center systems from outside of the Medical Center firewall.


To provide information on how to request VPN access and to define the Conditions of Use.


This procedure applies to all Medical employees and customers.


An Online Access Request Application (OAR) must first be completed before an individual is granted VPN access.  Once submitted, the request is forwarded to the applicant's supervisor's for approval.  If the request is approved, the user will receive an email from Health Information and Technology (HIT) Security to complete their ‘User Attestation."  Software tokens and the installation instructions for the various operating systems will be emailed to the user's UVA Health System email address.

Note:  The client software may not be transported or used in countries that have been determined to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism (e.g. Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria).

If you encounter problems, you may contact the HIT Help Desk at 434-924-5334.

VPN Token Conditions of Use

  • Users are bound by institutional policies regarding access to patient information. Users may not print patient data while off Medical Center grounds.
  • Users may not download patient data to a non-HIT managed device (e.g. home computer, local storage media, etc.)
  • Users will maintain their anti-virus protection on the devices utilizing the VPN connection, including applying regular updates to anti-virus software as recommended by HIT.
  • Users remaining connected through DSL or cable modems must install a desktop firewall.
  • Remote access and use of VPN is subject to periodic random auditing. Inappropriate access or failure to follow Conditions of Use may result in suspension or permanent discontinuation of remote access privileges.
  • Termination of employment will result in immediate loss of remote access privileges.
  • The Hardware authenticator token is non-transferrable and must be returned to HIT Information Security Administration upon termination of employment.

Support Hours

VPN support is available through the HIT Helpdesk from 7am to 6pm Monday-Friday, and from 8am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday. VPN support for critical patient care is also available after normal business hours by contacting the HIT Helpdesk at 434-924-5334.



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