The Medical Center must maintain controls to safeguard data and information, including the clinical record, against loss, destruction, and tampering.


To define the Data Integrity Controls utilized by the Medical Center.


This standard applies to the University of Virginia Medical Center.


Date Integrity Controls include the following:

  • Developing and implementing policies indicating when the amendment or removal of records is permitted.
  • Protecting data and information against intrusion, corruption, damage, modification, or destruction by using access controls and the Secure Clinical Subnet (SCSN).
  • Through auditing and quality monitoring, provide reasonable assurance that data is appropriately safeguarded in such a manner as to deter falsification.
  • Developing and implementing guidelines for destroying copies of records through media disposition guidelines.
  • Protecting records in a manner that minimizes the possibility of damage from fire, vandalism, system failure, and natural disaster through Facilities Management security guidelines and disaster recovery planning.


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