In accordance with University Policy (IRM-015) on Electronic Storage of Highly Sensitive Data, any device containing highly sensitive information, which includes EPHI, must be protected in order to minimize the potential for unauthorized access or inappropriate disclosure of highly sensitive data. Due to the increased risk inherent in the use of mobile devices (i.e. loss, theft, or access by individuals other than the owner), the following controls will be enforced through the use of Mobile Device Manager (MDM) on any hand-held mobile device given direct access to UVA Health System email or any system containing highly sensitive data as described in IRM-015.


To ensure EPHI is protected at all times to minimize potential for unauthorized access or inappropriate disclosure of highly sensitive data.


This document details security, setup, and support services offered by HIT for handheld computing devices.


Individuals who wish to use a hand-held device must be aware that:

  1. A Mobile Device Manager (MDM) will be installed on the device to configure appropriate security settings.
  2. Encryption will be enabled on the device.
  3. A timeout for inactivity will be enabled.
  4. Use of a password will be enforced on the device.
  5. MDM will enable HIT to remove UVA MC data, applications and connectivity to UVA MC systems.  This will occur under the following circumstances:
    • Termination of employment or relationship with UVA MC.
    • In the event that there is any attempt to change MDM’s security settings or otherwise remove MDM from the device.
  6. In certain circumstances, the managed contents of the device will be purged.  This will occur following repeated failed log-on attempts and when the device is reported lost of stolen.

All individuals should review and abide by the policy statements and procedures as defined in University Policy (IRM-015) on Electronic Storage of Highly Sensitive Data.

Supported Current Models:



6S and later

iPad Air 2 and later models

iOS versions:
iOS version 11 or newer is supported.    Earlier versions are less secure and may not function with HIT device management software.   

All models supporting Android OS 8
(List Revised 6/27/19)

The smartphone/PDA marketplace is continually and quickly evolving. When developments occur, HIT will evaluate for possible inclusion in our support standard.


  1. Windows Mobile is not supported due to incompatibility with UVa HealthSystem security standards
  2. Blackberry is no longer supported due to lack of enterprise application availability, marketplace changes, and support costs for maintaining Blackberry infrastructure.

Support Services

HIT offers the following support services for all current supported devices

  • Device Selection-HIT will assist with selection of the device that best fits customer requirements using the existing  Service Request process. We encourage our customers to use this process whenever possible.
  • Device Ordering
  • Installation/Configuration-HIT will send installation instructions upon account creation and assistance can be obtained by contacting the HIT Help Desk.
  • Hardware support-Handhelds purchased by an individual or department cannot be repaired or replaced by HIT. Individuals or departments should work with their wireless provider for any hardware repair or replacement.
  • HIT will provide support and technical assistance on the following applications and services:  
    • HIT secure wi-fi connection (hscs-wireless)
    • Exchange email
    • Epic
    • VPN
    • Citrix (to access Epic)
    • PACS
    • Haiku/Canto 
  • HIT cannot provide support for all mobile phone apps due to the extent and scope of applications available for the handheld platforms. 
  • Support is available between the hours of 7am and 6pm M - F, except on holidays, by contacting the HIT Help Desk at 924-5334. 

To obtain the aformentioned support, HIT management software called Mobile Iron must be installed on your mobile device.   All Health System employees with a Medical Center network user account are eligible, including both Medical Center-owned and personally-owned devices.       

In order to receive this software, please refer to Mobile Device Setup Instructions.      

How to purchase a new or replace an existing mobile device utilizing the Medical Center's contracts

The UVa Medical Center currently has contracts with Shentel (Sprint) and Verizon.  

  • To order a Shental phone, go to http://myhit .  Once logged, in the search engine enter 'Mobile Phone Request From'.   Once you have completed and submitted the form, your device should arrive within 3 business days.  
  • To order a Verizon phone, please contact your department administrator for assistance.  

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