This document gives the necessary information on support provided by Health Information & Technolog to Users of Apple Mac PCs and laptops..


The purpose of this document is to clarify for HIT customers the support that is offered to them for Apple Macintosh devices so that they may make informed decisions when purchasing new personal devices as well as to set expectations for currently-owned Apple Mac devices..


This document is for users of Apple Desktop and laptop products, and details the support that HIT offers for such systems. It does not pertain to Apple iOS devices such as iPods, iPads, and iPhones.


Health System IT provides the following support for Apple Mac Computers:

All devices

  1. VPN support to resources located within the Secure Clinical Network.  The VPN is not needed in medical center buildings if the device is UVA-owned and the Health Information & Technology management solution, Mobile Iron, is installed, as per 1. below.    
  2. Email support for Safari, and Firefox Web Browsers.
  3. Access to Epic via Citrix.
  4. Remote Desktop access to Health IT-managed or other Windows PCs that are connected to the Health Information & Technology secure network.  This can be used to provide access to any applications that run on the Windows PC.  Note that the VPN must be used in order to establish the remote connection. 

Devices owned by the University (Medical Center, School of Medicine, UPG)

In addition to the support elements for all devices in the preceding section, we also provide the following support for devices owned by the University of Virginia:

  1. Connection to the Health Information & Technology secure clinical network within all Medical Center Buildings.  The Health Information & Technology MacOS management solution, Mobile Iron, must be installed in order to obtain a connection.   This software can be requested via the HIT Online Access Request form. 
  2. This capability is only available for Uva-owned devices.   See below for support of personally-owned devices.

    Mobile Iron will enforce Health System IT security standards such as a password which must be changed every 60 days, screen saver password protection, encryption, and use of active anti-virus software.  

  3. Microsoft Office for Mac.   At this time only Medical Center, School of Medicine, and UPG employees are eligible to receive a license for Office for Mac.  
  4. Mapping to Health System Home drive (F:)  and Central drive (O:)
  5. Use of File Vault for encryption and Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus software.
  6. Mapping to network printers on the Health IT Secure Clinical Network.
  7. Apple Enterprise Connect, which provides the ability on HIT-managed Macs to sycnhronize the local Mac password with the HIT network password. 


Health System IT does not support the following:

  1. Printing through Remote Desktop.
  2. Any Health Information & Technology core application running directly on MacOS.  Note that the full range of Epic applications are available for the Mac with Citrix, not requiring the applications to run directly on MacOS.
  3. Secondary partitions.  HIT supports the primary partition with Mac OS, but does not support additional partitions such as those running Windows via BootCamp. 
  4. Parallels or VM Fusion running on Apple Computers.
  5. Any type of hardware support for Apple Computers.  It is recommended that hardware issues be addressed by Cavalier Computers, which is an Apple-certified repair center.  
  6. Lifecycle replacement of Macs.  Replacements must be departmentally funded. 

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