Revenue Cycle

Processes and services dedicated to patient revenue capture, management and processing.

Billing Applications
Create, edit or delete payment or adjustment codes
Create, edit and delete cash drawer for front desk to accept co-payments and other patient payments. If a payment was taken in error and needs to be voided the request should be sent by EMAIL to the Patient Friendly Billing office at 'R PFB VOIDS.'
Maintaining contracts
Contract management
Create, edit and delete cost centers.
Electronic and paper form updates
GL Table & extract maintenance
Creation of a new RSH Record
Create, edit and delete RMC codes

Outpatient Scheduling and Registration or Inpatient Admit, Discharge and Transfer
Create, edit and delete beds
Create, edit or delete provider records
Create, edit and delete of scheduling blocks
Create, edit and delete visit types

Revenue Cycle Applications
Updating existing workflows
Create, edit or delete clinic information.
Create, edit or delete a report or dashboard.
Create, edit or delete a letter.
Create, edit or delete templates used for patient estimates.
Create, edit or delete payor plans, and mapping payors to RTE
Maintain/create access for any user. Requestor should be the authorizing operational leader
Create, edit or delete a work queue.