Radiology IT Services

HIT services offered to Radiology customers and to support Radiology information technology.

Enterprise Systems Support
CBL Devleopment and custom training

Image Exchange Support
Consultation, design and implentation, and support services for DICOM networks with extrenal institutions. Problem resolution of communications processes with external institutions (Exchange requests contact Radiology Image Management at 243-6700 option 1).

Modality Support
Consultation, design, implementation, and support services for DICOM network integration. Included are problem resolution services on supported imaging devices.

Rad Departmental Systems Support
Problem Support on Radiology department and mult-division systems (Triad, Barco, Digital Signage, AI, Terminal Servers, Shared Storage - I&T drives)

Rad Dept Systems Support
Acquisition, Installation, Configuration, and support services for PC desktop and client software. Problem resolution, asset management, and surplus services are included.
Web App Consultation, Design and Development
Reporting design and support
Hardware, operating system, and client support for Radiology clinical PCs and end-user computing devices. Support includes necessary network activations and physical moving of devices.
Application Support
Configuration of cell phones and iPads

Radiology PACS Users Support
Problem support for radiology staff related to enterprise systems (PACS, ACR Select, Dynacad, Traumacad). Note that non-Radiology staff who use enterprise PACS should contact the HIT Help Desk for support.