PC & Desktop Services

Support for all facets of end-user computing including PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, WOWs, and related devices

End-User Computing
Health Information & Technology performs consultation, configuration, and installation of desktop computing hardware and software.
HIT performs moves of all desktop computing equipment including PCs, printers, scanners, and related equipment.     
In order to maintain the most secure, reliable computing platform, the HIT standard build does not permit customers to install software. Customers with a valid business need can apply for administrator rights on their PC.
HIT Provides support for connection to UVa HS systems including VPN, Outlook, Epic, F: and O: drives, and network printers.
HIT will assist you with the purchase and installation of PC desktop software.
HIT performs surplusing of all Medical Center-owned computing equipment, including but not limited to PCs, laptops, tablets, and printers.

Mobile Device Services
HIT supports configuration and installation of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Network Printing
HIT installs print drivers for specific printer types on enterprise Windows Print servers.
HIT provides purchasing, installation, and support for network printers.
Create new network print queue on enterprise Windows Print servers. Update settings on existing network print queue on enterprise Windows Print servers.

PC Desktop Management
The HIT Desktop Engineering team designs and builds all desktop, laptop, and tablet images. The images are designed to provide efficient, reliable, and secure access to over 200 key Health System software applications and systems. 
The HIT Desktop Engineering team deploys icons to the desktops of targeted groups of PCs. Typically icons are delivered to PCs within a department or location to reflect the software needs of that area.
HIT provides a high level of desktop support, via an IT Affiliate program, to staff on other Health System teams who provide IT support for their department, workgroup, or set of systems & applications.
MAC management from HIT is coming soon!
HIT Provides design, development, and implementation of software, wrappers, and scripting to faciliate implementation of desktop applications and systems.

Remote Access
Easily access Epic remotely.
Easily access your work PC remotely.
Access to the HIT network from areas outside of the UVa Health System facility. HIT Provides support for a VPN token and software to enable devices to remotely connect to HIT systems.