Medical Equipment

Provides Repairs, Maintenance and Management of Medical Equipment.

Support for creating service agreements for medical equipment

Equipment Management and Repair
Procuring new medical devices or supplies requires a systematic process of evaluation.
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Receive new equipment, assemble, inspect and install.
Problem solving to ensure proper operation of equipment.

Professional Services
Evaluates existing capital equipment.
Assists users in the technical operations of equipment.
Supports interconnectivity initiatives between medical devices and information systems.
Provides consultative services in equipment planning for capital, expansion and remodeling projects.
Investigates and reports on incidents.
Supports networked medical devices and maintains network integrity.
Coordinate new technology implementations.
Ensures data integrity and programmatic consistency.
Coordinates activities related to device recalls.
Stays current with new regulations and ensures compliance with them.
Conducts proactive risk assessments.
Develops standards for medical devices, critical medical wiring, and patient headwalls and gas systems.
Provides pre-purchase evaluations of technology market, features, regulatory status, health, operational, and financial impact.