Welcome to the new HIT Website! If you are a content editor, this section will give you many helpful tips and how-tos to guide you through managing your content.

Getting Started

To get started, click here to log in to the CMS. On any page of the site, you will also find a "Log In" link in the footer.

If this is your first time logging into the site, the log in page includes a checkbox that will take you to the "Request Access" form. This form will allow you to contact WDC Support and let us know to which sections of the site you need editing permissions. Once you have editing rights, you can begin managing your content!


HIT Website Helpful Links

HIT Site URL - /

Admin section URL - once you are logged in, you can access the admin dashboard directly at this link -  /admin


HIT Site – Mura User Guide

The following links offer general how-tos from the CMS vendor's website.

Logging in - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/mura-cms-overview/

Site Manager - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/creating-the-site-structure/access-the-site-manager/

Content Types - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/creating-the-site-structure/content-types/

Content Formatting - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/creating-the-site-structure/content-formatting/

Adding Pages - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/creating-the-site-structure/add-pages-for-top-level-pages/

Setting Page Order - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/creating-the-site-structure/setting-page-order/

Setting Page Templates  - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/selecting-layout-templates/edit-layout-templates-from-the-site-manager/

Editing Content

Basic Tab - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/edit-content/basic-tab/

SEO Tab - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/edit-content/seo-tab/

Related Content Tab - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/edit-content/related-content-tab/

Publishing Tab - http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/edit-content/publishing-tab/


SOURCE: http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/welcome/ (Full Mura Content Managers Online Guide)