Q. What do I need to do as a Manager/Supervisor to request access to Health System information systems (i.e. Epic, VPN, A2K3, etc.) for an employee?

A.  The Online Access Request will need to be completed before access to information systems is granted.



Q.What do I do if I have not received my access within 2 business days of completing training and submitting my request?

A.  Verify that you have electronically signed the Electronic User Agreement.  You may check for any outstanding requests for your signature on the User Attestation site.



Q.  How will my Supervisor/Manager know they need to approve my access?

A.  Once the request is submitted, the Supervisor/Manager will receive an email notification that there is a request pending their approval.  If the Supervisor/Manager did not receive a notification or wants to verify if they have any outstanding requests, they may logon to the Supervisor Approval site and verify/complete any outstanding approval requests.



Q.  I have electronically signed my Electronic User Agreement and my Supervisor/Manager has verified that they do not have any outstanding approval requests but I still do not have access.  Now what?

A.  You can verify the status of your request by checking the Access Status Page.



Q.  I am a Supervisor or Manager. How can I validate or deny current access for one of my employees?

A. Managers/Supervisors are required to validate all employee access at least annually. You may validate or deny access at anytime by using the Supervisor Review Form.



Please contact the Health System Technology Services Help Desk at 434.924.5334 for any other questions or related concerns.