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All UVA Health employees, as well as Academic Division faculty, staff, and students in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the Health Sciences Library are required to complete a daily health check through HOOS Health Check before coming to a UVA Health facility. We continue to encourage all students, faculty, staff and visitors to consider whether they have any symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to Grounds and stay home if they are feeling ill. Any Academic Division employees who are entering the Medical Center space to work or provide services will still need to complete the Hoos Health Check in advance, in compliance with federal regulations.


HOOS Health Check Options


  • Use HOOS Health Check via a browser

    Does not work with Internet Explorer. Use Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Mac). For Health System employees with Windows 7 and IE, please see the FAQs below.
  • Printable PDF file

    This paper form is available for employees without a smartphone or internet access at home. Please check with your manager if you need copies of the form printed for you. You should complete a paper form each day before going to work. If you are experiencing viral symptoms, do not report to work. Instead, contact your manager to let them know you will not be in and contact Employee Health. If you are not experiencing viral symptoms, go to work as normal and keep your completed form with you. If asked, you should inform your manager that you answered “no” on the paper form or show your manager the form.  You should keep your form throughout the day and securely destroy it at the end of the day.
  • Download & use the iOS app
  • Download & use the Android app

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Hoos Health Check App FAQ's


For more answers to non-technical questions related to the HOOS Health Check, please see the UVA Return to Grounds FAQs.

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Last Updated: August 3, 2021