For UVACH Intranet Content owners/creators to learn more about the UVACH intranet site and self-managed content using the Mura tool.

For Training

Users must have a UVA Health account. Users who do not have an account may refer to the UVA Health account claim reference guide
Having an account will allow users to access the web workshop registration form AND most importantly editor access to the intranet.

Before registering for a workshop…

Users will need to watch a handful of training videos. Each video is approx. 2-3 minutes max. We have found that users who come to the workshop after watching the training videos come with a general understanding of Mura and possibly with more advanced questions. Some may even feel confident enough to work in Mura without attending a workshop.

Registration Form (UVA Health network username/password required)

For Technical Support

If you experience technical issues with the UVACH intranet, have a technical question, or need to add editors to your managed section of the intranet - please contact the Web Development Team with the details.