Show you how to add, remove, hide, and rearrange portlets within your website.

To begin managing portlets, locate the Manage Portlets link, on the bottom of a side column. The other method of getting to this screen is by adding /@@manage-portlets to the end of the page URL at the location where you want the portlet to appear.  Portlets may be added to the folder and displayed on every page inside the folder or to a specific page.  Please be sure the URL matches where you want the portlet to appear - folder versus page.

Under Manage Portlets, you can add new Portlets, remove Portlets, hide and rearrange Portlets.

Add New Portlet

Simply select the type of portlet from the Add Portlet.. drop down selection.  The most commonly used portlet is Static Text Portlet.

Remove Portlet

Click the "X" associated with the portlet name.  Please note: the navigation portlet in the right column is shared across all department websites. Please do not delete this portlet.  Deleting it will delete it for all sites.

Hide Portlet

Click the " ±".

Rearrange Portlet

Click and hold your mouse. Drag the portlet up or down or left to right.  Please note - the primary navigation in the right column is programmed to always display on top of any other portlets and always in the right column.