Provides steps for where and how to log in to Plone.

If you are managing an Internet, intranet, or documentation site

  1. Navigate to your website and scroll to the bottom of the webpage.
  2. Scroll to the bottom footer of the website. In the right upper corner of the footer you will see a button labeled - Web Editor Login Only.
  3. Click and login using your UVA credentials.

If you do not have access to edit the contents of the site, you will either see an Insufficient Privileges message if the content is not published or see the contents but not the editing features. Otherwise, you will see the contents of your page with the editing bar.

Please Note: Accessing a Departmental Intranet website from outside the Health System and while off the network (VPN) you will be prompted to login.  This login allows you to pass through the firewall. You will need to follow the above steps to login as a web editor.

All Plone Sites

You can also access the login of any Plone website by appending /login_form.