KnowledgeLink lists all Health System employees and displays a photo obtained from the badge office and profile details.  Learn how to manage your profile settings.

  • Search for your profile by user ID or last name
  • Find your listing, and click the link - View Profile
  • In the upper left corner, click "Edit Profile"

Several options are available for you to customize (see below). Some of the information is pulled from the Technology Services database of people information - sometimes referred to as the HSTS Active Directory.  To request changes to the uneditable fields, complete a HSTS Service Request.

Basic Information

You may edit hire date, work area/unit and specific information describing your expertise.  All other information may be change by submitting a request using the HSTS Service Request form.

Phone Numbers

Changes here will be submitted to Technology Services to update the global address list, which may not take effect for 24 hours. Submitted values appear in italics. Invalid numbers will not be saved.

About Me

You may add personal information such as your month/day of birth, choose to display your photo or a generic avatar, include a short personal note about yourself and interests.

Mailing Address

Work mailing address.


Include detailed instructions to assist colleagues for navigating to your office/desk.