Q: How can I encrypt my own email?


A: You may encrypt email by adding [secure] to your subject line or by using the confidential flag in Outlook. For questions regarding this process please contact the Health System Technology Services (HSTS) Helpdesk at 434-924-5334.


Setting Confidential Flag in Outlook 2010

1. Open a new email

2. Click on the Options Tab

3. Click on the arrow beside More Options

4. Under Settings; Sensitivity click on the down arrow

5. Select Confidential

6. Click Close


Adding [SECURE] to subject line

  1. Open a new email
  2. Include [secure] in the email subject. Please be aware you must include the brackets and the word secure for the email to be encrypted.

An email that contains [secure] in subject line will be encrypted before leaving the Health System network. Please be aware you will need to add [secure] to the subject line each time you send an email that contains confidential or sensitive information.



Q:    When an email has been encrypted how will the email look to the recipient?

A: A sample of the email the recipient will receive is included below.


Q:   I marked an email for encryption using the confidential flag or the keyword [secure] in the subject line and the recipient received the message not a notice. Why?


A: If the partnered organization uses the same email encryption solution as the Health System, then the email encryption is transparent to the recipient.

Since there is no quick way to determine if a company is utilizing the same email encryption solution it is required that you send emails that contain sensitive or confidential information with [secure] in the subject line or with the confidential flag in Outlook selected.


Q:   What is the maximum size limit when sending an email?


A: If sending an email to another *HS email account, the maximum size limit is 50MB.

If sending a email to an external email address (not *HS), the maximum email size limit is 15MB.