What 2-Step Authentication Looks Like

Accessing resources on the UVA Health System secured network requires 2-step authentication using a secondary device. This process uses an application called Duo.

Click here to register a device with Duo.

Click here for an overview of 2-step authentication.

Logging into any feature or application that requires the 2-step process is very similar to normal login. You first supply your typical username and password, but after the initial login screen, a new screen will appear asking you how you would like to complete the second step: either by supplying a passcode or via a push notification.

Note: Because Duo is used by personnel on the Academic side, some applications that use 2-step authentication may offer a phone call as an authentication method, but any application that accesses Medical Center resources cannot use phone call authentication.

Two-Step Authentication Using Duo

Initial login screens will not change with the addition of 2-step login. Instead, after logging in as normal, a new screen will appear asking you for your second authentication.

Note: The following walkthrough shows what logging into Outlook Web Access looks like, which may not be how you will typically use 2-step authentcation.

Not to worry: The same principles apply to anything you log into using 2-step authentication. The initial login will remain the same, but then a new screen will pop up to ask for your second verification.

Duo Walkthrough

For this example, Outlook Web Access still requires you to sign in by entering your Health System username and password:

The following screen (or one similar to it for other applications) will appear, asking you which method you would like to use to complete the 2-step login:

Medical Center and UPG personnel should choose either "Send Me a Push" or "Enter a Passcode".

If you choose "Enter a Passcode"

The passcode you enter either comes from a Duo hardware token or from the Duo app on your registered mobile device. Click here to learn how to register a mobile device with Duo.

Duo Hardware Token

  1. Push the green button on the hardware token, and a code will be displayed.

  1. Enter the code displayed on the token in the passcode field and click "Log In"

Duo Mobile App

  1. Open the Duo app on your device and press on the key icon next to your UVA account.

The Duo mobile app will display a code.

  1. Enter this code in the text box on the login page and then click "Log In"

Push Authentication

If you're using the Duo mobile app on a smartphone and have allowed notifications from Duo in your phone's settings, you can choose the "Send Me a Push" option available on the sign-in page.

  1. After you enter your username and password on the login page, press the "Send Me a Push" button on the 2-step screen.

Note: Push authentication works only for the Duo mobile app on smartphones and only if you have allowed Duo to send notifications to your phone.

  1. After clicking "Send Me a Push", open the Duo app on your mobile device, and you will see a notification as shown here:

  1. Tap the green banner that reads "Request Waiting. Tap to Respond . . ." and the following prompt appears on the phone:

  1. Click "Approve" on your device, and you will be authenticated on your computer. Click "Deny", and login will fail.

Note: If you receive a push notification on your phone when you are not trying to login using 2-step authentication, it could indicate that someone is trying to compromise your account. Submit a Computer Security Incident Report (CSIR) immediately and call the UVA Health System help desk at 434-924-5334.