The OSE Office delivers solutions and recommendations to complex problems. Decision Support Systems such as: Mathematical modeling/simulation/statistical forecasting/designing control systems are utilized in all areas of Healthcare operations.

Mission:  We are a team of UVA Health System professionals who apply skills in systems science, engineering design, business analytics and operations research to provide collaborative, tailored, data-driven and holistic solutions to complex problems that span variable domains, scales, and timelines throughout our health system.

Questions we answer:

  • What is the optimal solution given our resources and constraints?
  • What is the relationship between our decisions and the outcomes we achieve?
  • Does our data support our decisions?
  • How do we improve our performance and maintain our gains?
  • What if…?

The Operations and Systems Engineering Office is staffed by experienced Industrial Engineers with many previous years of experience managing complex, system-level improvement projects.

The Operations & Systems Engineering department pulls from a robust array of tools to solve complex problems in our health system.  Since every problem we encounter is differenet, our team relies on our expertise to determine the appropriate tools to use to dissect the systems and uncover effective, sustainable solutions for improvement.