Treatment and prevention of pulmonary complications as a result of immobility
Thoracic or lumbar fracture
Cervical traction*
Skeletal traction

*RotoRest® is not to be used as a primary means of stabilizing cervical spine fractures, cervical traction, halo and vest or internal fixation is required.

Percussion Therapy contraindicated in the presence of:
multiple rib fractures
persistent intracranial hypertension
post-operative periods following cardiac surgery

Consult with a physician regarding the risks versus the potential benefits when considering the use of positioning therapy in the following patient’s conditions:
hemodynamic instability
uncontrollable diarrhea
severe agitation/uncontrollable claustrophobia

Chest physiotherapy should be used with precaution in patients without sputum production. Adjust duration and intensity of percussion depending upon patient’s condition and response to therapy.

Prior to activating rotation therapy, assess the security of all invasive lines and tubes to accommodate the programmed angle of rotation and minimize the risk of binding, disconnecting or dislodging.