This page describes the training requirements and training schedule related to the CareFusion IV Pumps used at UVA Medical Center.


COMPUTER BASED LEARNING (CBLs) available through NetLearning

  • Carefusion Alaris System with Guardrails - Interactive module provided by Carefusion that offers information about all of the pump modules
  • Carefusion Alaris IV Pump Training Video - Training videos that provide education for all four pump components
  • Competency Validation Record




All staff using the IV pumps need to complete prerequisite on-line training via a computer based learning (CBL) in NetLearning, please bring the CBL completion certificate with you to attend the live classroom training program.  

Computer Based Learning Module:

This module is entitled the Carefusion Alaris System with Guardrails CBL and is now available in NetLearning.  The interactive CBL provides a great overview of the pump and its modules.   The CBL will take between 45 minutes and 75 minutes to complete.  It must be completed prior to attending a live class; team members who have not completed the CBL will not be admitted to the training classes.  

Classroom Training

Sign-Up Now: The live classroom training schedule has been entered into NetLearning.  A list of the New Product Inservice - IV Pump class titles and length are included below. 

  • IV Pump Super-Trainer (3 Hours)
  • IV Pump TCH Super User (3 Hours)
  • IV Pump End User (2 Hours)
  • IV Pump TCH End User (2 Hours
  • IV Pump Anesthesia (1 Hour)
  • IV Pump Anesthesia Tech (1 Hour)
  • IV Pump Anesthesia CRNA (1 Hour)
  • IV Pump Cleaning Class (30 Minutes)
  • IV Pumps Pharmacy (1 Hour)



Action Needed: 
  • Please  have all of your Super-Trainers (STs) and End Users (EUs) enroll in the CareFusion Alaris Pump with Guardrails CBL.  After completing the CBL, staff members need to print off the completion certificate.  This certificate will be required for admittance into the IV pump training classes.  
  • Only those staff members who have been identified as unit STs can now enroll themselves in the IV pump Super-Trainer classes; the scheduled classes appear in NetLearning as noted above.
  • Those staff members who have not been designated as STs can now enroll themselves in the IV pump End User classes; the scheduled classes appear in NetLearning as noted above.

Training Requirement:  

To ensure the safety of our patients all infusion pump users will be required to complete the CBL module, receive formal hands-on training, and demonstrate competency to a unit Super-Trainer prior to using the devices.  The unit Super-Trainers will be validating staff competency using a Competency Validation Record (CVR).  The project team will be monitoring training completion rates and reporting to Unit Based Leadership

April 26th (Go-Live) Preparation for Nurse Managers:

It is highly recommended that you schedule your STs to work during the day of Go-Live without a patient assignment. Disruption to patient care will be minimized if you have STs available on Go-Live day to assist the conversion team with device change over on your unit.