Immediately after every significant event:

Take emergency measures to minimize and care for injury to, discomfort of, and threat of life of patients or personnel (e.g., thermal burns, electric shock, contusions, lacerations, fractures, cardiac arrhythmias, interruption of normal respiration, loss of consciousness).

Take appropriate action to minimize damage to equipment and the environment.

Notify the attending physician.

Impound all equipment attached or contiguous to the injured party in the same room or areas. Do not disconnect or change the relative physical positions of equipment or connecting cables, except as absolutely necessary to avoid further injury or damage. Retain and preserve any disposable products that may have been involved (e.g., drapes, tubing sets, electrodes), as well as their packaging materials.

Call Clinical Engineering for pickup  - Do not send equipment to Clinical Engineering or Equipment Distribution.

Document on QR reporting site per UVA procedure (Policy 132).

• For assistance or on-site investigation: during day shift call 4-2391; on weekends & evenings, page 1202).