Value can only be defined by the customer and not the producer. Within the Health System, this is also true. Health Information & Technology customers are as diverse as our services and teams - and it is to them we look to define our value.

That is why we are focusing on building, nurturing, and growing relationships with all of our customers to learn what value means to them and how we can deliver it. We want to move from an internal support service provider to TRUSTED PARTNER.

We believe the keys to building that trust are: listening, communicating, and being easily accessible. The activities that support this goal will create regular dialogue between HIT and its customers and invite them to engage with us to deliver solutions for better care and operations across the Health System.

Organizations that make their customers partners lead the pack on growth, net margins, capital efficiency, and enterprise value per Harvard Business Review research.


Customer satisfaction comes from meeting the customer's needs, but customer trust comes from anticipating and exceeding those needs.

Our teams move to embed a new culture of going beyond traditional servicing of medical technology to focusing on failure prevention, optimization, and innovation.