At the nucleus of safe and exceptional clinical care are good decisions. Good decisions on what medication to prescribe, which treatment to pursue, when to intervene, and on and on. Our role in Health Information & Technology is to put information in the right hands to make the right decisions.

Our teams collect and manage clinical data from myriad sources, including the medical record data, performance metrics and operational data ensuring its quality and security. Data just by itself is like raw ingredients for a meal and our teams provide the techniques and skill to transform the data into meaningful analysis and reporting for our customers.

Big Data to Better Decisions

While there's a lot of talk of Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Hadoop Clusters, Data Viz, and the like, the simple truth is that more data is only valuable if we can apply it to making better business decisions and driving toward better clinical outcomes.

Our focus is to put the right information and analysis in front of the right.

Project Governance can deliver improvement in alignment with organizations' objectives.


Supporting Patient Experience through Technology

In HIT, we recognize our role in contributing to great patient and visitor experiences. For that reason, we have projects that aim to directly serve patients.

  • Patient Portal Enhancements
  • Patient Mobile Applications
  • Improved Visitor WiFi Access
  • Help desk Access for Patients
  • Exploration of Direct to Consumer Telemedicine