Accounts & Access

Account creation and support for both Enterprise and Departmental systems
Account Requests
HIT Security manages system access with the Online Access Request form. We can work with you to manage access to your system and we have a number of account provisioning options available.
HIT Security is responsible for handling emergency terminations and suspensions of system access.
Health System LAN accounts are created for employees listed on an active payroll feed.
Employee name changes made in payroll should be reflected in HIT Security records and in employee system access including LAN accounts and Outlook email.
HIT Security enables network accounts for a variety of HIT customers including employees who are not listed on a payroll. This includes onboarding for consultants, vendors, students, visiting clinical staff, observers, study monitors, outside auditors, and others.
We manage access requests for many applications, particularly those that require training and an online request. Some of the more widely used examples include Epic, Invision (A2K3), PACS, PeopleSoft, Sunquest, and Glucommander.

Active Directory Group Creation and Membership
Active Directory groups allow permissions to many HIT resources including shared files, Epic, PACS, Kronos, financial tools, leadership tools, and more. This service includes the addition of new Active Directory groups as well as change in membership to existing groups.
HIT Security can manage AD groups that use reporting structure as criterion for inclusion in a group.

Epic Revisions
HIT Security can modify provider records within the Epic environment.

Network Drive
Request disk space increase for a user's home drive (F:)

Remote Access
HIT Security offers a service enabling individuals to establish a connection to the Medical Center from off site using a single authentication token.
All vendors requiring connectivity to applications residing within the Secure Clinical Subnet (SCSN) must accomplish that connection using a secure authenticated encrypted methodology that will provide accountability for each connection event.

Shared Drive Creation and Access
Shared Drives allow multiple employees to access a common area for file storage in a secure, reliable environment. All files are backed up daily. This service includes the creation of new shared drive locations, modification of existing shared drive locations and change in permissions to a shared drive.