Instructions for installing Epic Mobile Access. Applications include Haiku and Canto. 

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What to do when you get the error 'invalid password.'

HSTS has developed three distinct workstation builds to accommodate the requirements of the Health System. Each has certain characteristics that make it ideal for use in a particular environment. This document provides information on the features and usage of the Clinical Workstation, the Shared Workstation, and the Individual Workstation .

At a Glance…….

This document includes information on:

  • Logging on and Passwords
  • Screen Saver
  • Security Restrictions
  • Available Applications
  • Printing

If you have questions about this guide or the workstation, please contact the HSTS Help Desk at 924-5334.

There are 3 standard general-use workstations:

Clinical (grey screen background) - for use by multiple persons for access to clinical systems and to drive a MIS printer

Shared (orange screen background) - for use by multiple persons, either with their personal LAN account or a ‘generic’ account for quick access to clinical resources

Individual (blue screen background) - standard workstation for use by one person with their personal LAN account

HSTS also maintains specialized Cyber-Café workstations for employees to access e-mail and KnowledgeLink. They are located in public areas such as the cafeterias.