The Program Management Office (PMO) is a department under the Chief Information and Technology Officer.  The PMO implements and supports project management methodology to enable our organization to deliver projects faster, cheaper and with the highest of quality in everything that we do.  The PMO is made of two groups with distinct skill sets that allow us to analyze business problems and implement solutions that are right for our customers.


Project Management offers experienced and professional project management staff with valuable tools and techniques to assist you on your next project.  The project management discipline is proven to ensure the predictability of project success.


    The OSE Office delivers solutions and recommendations to complex problems. Decision Support Systems such as: Mathematical modeling/simulation/statistical forecasting/designing control systems are utilized in all areas of Healthcare operations.

      Mission: Project Management Services develops and implements project management standards to enable our organization to deliver projects within cost and time estimates, stakeholder expectations and according to established quality metrics.

      Mission:  We are a team of UVA Health System professionals who apply skills in systems science, engineering design, business analytics and operations research to provide collaborative, tailored, data-driven and holistic solutions to complex problems that span variable domains, scales, and timelines throughout our health system.


      Questions we answer:

      • How long will it take to complete my project?
      • How much will it cost to complete my project?
      • How do I get started on my project?
      • What tasks need to be completed, and in what order?
      • How do I know if my project is on schedule?

      Questions we answer:

      • What is the optimal solution given our resources and constraints?
      • What is the relationship between our decisions and the outcomes we achieve?
      • Does our data support our decisions?
      • How do we improve our performance and maintain our gains?
      • What if…?