Baxter PCA Pump

Baxter PCA Pump

Power On

Performing Self Test

Check Date/Time, Enter

Unlock Cover/Lock Cover

Enter Code 123

Use initial RX (NO) unless you want to run again

Select Mode PCA, Enter

Select Units ML, Enter

100ml Fluid Volume (Set), Enter

Press start if you need to Prime if not Press Enter

 Set PCA Dose 2.0ml, Enter

 Set Delay 3 min., Enter

Dose 20hr Dose, Enter

 Set Bolus 2.0ml

Enter, Start

PCA Should deliver the 2 ml bolus then Press enter after 3 minutes Press Patient Control should deliver another 2ml. Check accuracy of Pump and Occlusion Downstream.


To reset the PM Cycle:

Leave unit unlocked and turn unit on.

Push the left arrow and hold down once the unit shows the software version.  This should put you into the service screen.

Enter code 215 when asked, push enter when configuration comes up.

Push the up arrow (scroll) until you come to  the Controls screen, hit enter , keep pushing enter                                           until you come to the Months PM Alert Cycle and enter 12.

Hit enter, the next screen will ask you if you want to restart cycle, scroll to yes, hit enter.

Scroll thru menu until you come to Quit, hit enter and it will take you back to operating screen.


Unit has now been pm’d and had the pm cycle has been changed.